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Welcome: North East Haverhill

The site has been identified by St Edmundsbury Borough Council as capable of delivering a Sustainable Urban Extension. Over the next 20 years, it can provide 2,500 homes, new employment space, transport improvements, new schools, community, leisure and recreation facilities and public open space including a Country Park. The site would be accessed via Haverhill Road and Chalkstone Way. As part of the North West Haverhill development proposals, a new link road will be delivered from the A143, Haverhill Road (‘the Bury Road’) around the northwest of the town to the A1307 Withersfield Road.

This characterful new development will create new jobs as well as providing attractive quality housing for first time buyers, family homes, self-build housing, high quality affordable housing and specialist housing for the elderly. There will be around 80 hectares / 197.6 acres of new green and open space for all to enjoy.

We are preparing a strategic masterplan in conjunction with St Edmundsbury Borough Council and a planning application in line with the strategic masterplan. The masterplan will detail the infrastructure provision, transport, environmental protection and management which will be delivered alongside the homes, employment space and facilities. The planning application will provide additional technical information regarding how the scheme will come forward.

A six week public consultation programme ran in May and June 2015. This closed on the 19th June 2015 but you can still review the exhibition boards here and the masterplan document here.

The Vision

Hallam Land Management, Commercial Estates Group and the landowner are proposing a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable, mixed use urban extension to the North East of Haverhill. It will:

  • Include a full mix of high quality homes, employment, new facilities and services
  • Maximise accessibility, including walking, cycling and a dedicated bus service.
  • Integrate into Haverhill and the wider countryside.
  • Protect the character of the area - robustly screening proposed development and residents within Haverhill, Little Wratting and Calford Green.
  • Protect and enhance landscape character and visual amenity, connectivity and biodiversity.
  • Create a new linear Country Park running north to south with natural play, informal recreation, Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) and allotments.
  • Demonstrate quality urban design, sustainable construction and use of renewable energy.
  • Embrace ‘Garden Suburb’ principles with well connected and biodiverse public parks, high quality gardens, tree lined streets and open spaces, with opportunities to grow food and for community management of open spaces.

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